I used to hate being called upon in class mainly because I didn’t like attention drawn to myself. And _36_ otherwise assigned a seat by the teacher, I always _37_ to sit at the back of the classroom.

All this _38_ after I joined a sports team. It began when a teacher suggested I try out for the basketball team. At first I thought it was a crazy _39_ because I didn’t have a good sense of balance, nor did I have the _40_ to keep pace with the others on the team and they would tease me. But for the teacher who kept insisting on my “_41_ for it”, I wouldn’t have decided to give it a try.

Getting up the courage to go to the tryouts was only the _42_ of it! When I first started _43_ the practice sessions, I didn’t even know the rules of the game, much _44_ what I was doing. Sometimes I’d get _45_ and take a shot at the wrong direction – which made me feel really stupid. _46_, I wasn’t the only one “new” at the game, so I decided to _47_ on learning the game, do my best at each practice session, and not be too hard on myself for the things I didn’t _48_ “just yet”.

I practiced and practiced. Soon I knew the _49_ and the “moves”. Being part of a team was fun and motivating. Very soon the competitive _50_ in me was winning over my lack of confidence. With time, I learned how to play and made friends in the _51_ – friends who respected my efforts to work hard and be a team player. I never had so much fun!

With my _52_ self-confidence comes more praise from teachers and classmates. I have gone from “_53_” in the back of the classroom and not wanting to call attention to myself, _54_ raising my hand – even when I sometimes wasn’t 100 percent _55_ I had the right answer. Now I have more self-confidence in myself.

36. as / until / unless / though
37. hoped / agreed / meant / chose
38. continued / changed / settled / started
39. idea / plan / belief / saying
40. right / chance / ability / patience
41. going / looking / cheering / applying
42. point / half / rest / basis
43. enjoying / preparing / attending / watching
44. less / later / worse / further
45. committed / motivated / embarrassed / confused
46. Interestingly / Fortunately / Obviously / Hopefully
47. focus / act / rely / try
48. want / do / support / know
49. steps / orders / rules / games
50. role / part / mind / value
51. process / operation / movement / situation
52. expressed / improved / preserved / recognized
53. dreaming / playing / relaxing / hiding
54. by / for / with / to
55. lucky / happy / sure / satisfied



Macross F中很好听外加很燃的一首曲子。我本人是在SRW L中接触的这部作品,还没有好好看,所以关于这首歌到底应该算是シェリル的还是ランカ的还是有不同版本我也不清楚…反正SRW L里面在打グレイス的最终剧情中出现的BGM,大概是二人合唱?不管了总之很燃啊!照例,播放器里面找不到歌词于是就自己动手吧。

[by:不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name]
[00:07.00]作詞:Gabriela Robin
[00:28.62]星を回せ 世界の真ん中で
[00:35.64]くしゃみすれば どこかの 森で蝶が乱舞
[00:41.88]キミが守る ドアの鍵デタラメ
[00:48.89]恥ずかしい物語 舐めあっても ライオンは強い
[00:58.75]生き残りたい 生き残りたい まだ生きてたくなる
[01:05.46]星座の導きで 今 見つめ合った
[01:12.03]生き残りたい 途方に暮れて キラリ枯れてゆく
[01:18.65]本気のカラダ 見せ付けるまで 私 眠らない
[01:41.43]風はやがて 東へ向かうだろう
[01:48.48]高気圧 この星の ドアを襲う
[01:54.72]誘い水が 飲んだ胸が辛い
[02:01.73]遠巻きな物语 交じり合う 骨の奧まで
[02:11.62]生き残りたい 生き残りたい まだ生きてたくなる
[02:18.29]星座の導きで 今 見つめ合った
[02:24.89]生き残りたい 途方に暮れて キラリ枯れてゆく
[02:31.50]本気のカラダ 見せ付けるまで 私 眠らない
[03:16.24]生き残りたい 埋まらない傷 光恐れてた
[03:22.86]許された命が 今 惹かれ合った
[03:29.46]彷徨い果てて キミの隣で 火照り静めたい
[03:36.00]本気のカラダ 見せ付けるまで 私 眠らない
[03:45.89]生き残りたい 崖っ縁でいい キミを愛してる
[03:52.60]目覚めたい気持ちが 今 惹かれ合った
[03:59.16]狂喜に変えて 祈り捧ぐよ キミを愛してる
[04:12.50]生き残りたい まだ生きてたい キミを愛してる
[04:19.08]本気のココロ 見せ付けるまで 私 眠らない
[04:35.24]LRC by 不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name

[LRC]またね、じゃあね – れるりり

またね、じゃあね PV



[by:不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name]
[00:01.60]朝のホームルーム いつもギリギリだった
[00:12.47]息を切らすキミの制服姿も これで最後
[00:25.63]ずっと伝えられず 友達のままでいた
[00:36.52]遠くから见つめた日々を 後悔していないよ

[00:48.95]校庭のすみに咲いてる 淡いピンクの桜、ヒラリ

[01:00.87]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったら
[01:07.96]二度と逢えなくなるの 知ってる
[01:12.91]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったら
[01:23.71]見上げた空は 涙で少しにじんだ
[01:33.00]作詞:aiji hayama
[01:43.60]卒業式のあと 友達とはしゃいでる
[01:54.45]記念写真撮るキミの笑い声 聞こえてくる

[02:06.91]夕焼けのオレンジ色が キミを消したら 涙、キラリ

[02:18.89]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったら
[02:25.93]二度と逢えなくなるの 知ってる
[02:30.88]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったら
[02:41.84]終わりのチャイム 静かに鳴り響いた

[02:50.04]赤いスカーフを ほどいたら
[03:05.93]ふるえる手 伸ばし・・・
[03:12.92]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったら
[03:19.94]二度と逢えなくなるの 知ってる・・・・・・
[03:24.88]『またね、じゃあね』と 手を振ったなら
[03:35.76]桜の雨がヒラリ、 涙がこぼれた
[03:48.94]LRC by 不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name

[LRC]コペルニクス – doriko


[ar:doriko feat.初音ミク]
[by:不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name]
[00:56.93]右から左 時代が逃げてゆく
[02:23.69]分かり合うにも幼すぎたの コンプレックス
[02:56.37]巡り巡れば出会える昨日 変わりもしないままで
[03:51.95]LRC by 不死鸟之翼 | AzureFx.name